Time frames referred to in this document may be substantially altered due to the current situation derived from Covid-19. Similarly, the simultaneous request for more than one certification can lead to increases in the defined deadlines.

The user needs to sign up for the platform to access the CEPRAL service of CPETIG.

The registered user can create an application for a specific profile. To prepare an application, the user is required to provide documentary evidence of his/her identity (first application only) and the compulsory and optional documents corresponding to the profile.

After finishing the preparation, the application needs to be processed. The user does not have to complete the preparation in one session because the system will keep the application in the initial state until it is finished. Once the user finishes the application, no more documentary evidence can be added.

For the application to be processed, it will be handed over to the CEPRAL committee of CPETIG for assessment. The application can be processed only after the provided documentation has been sent to CPETIG and the payment for the assessment cost (€44.77 including taxes) has been made.

A decision about the assessment will be made within 7 to 30 calendar days following the receipt of the documentation by post and after comparing the received documentation with the uploaded documentation and verifying that the payment has been made. The decision will be communicated to the applicant by e-mail. From then on, the applicant will be able to appeal against the assessment result within 10 days, if it deemed appropriate.

If the assessment is positive, the user will be able to request the signing, issue and deposit of the corresponding certificate. For this purpose, the user needs to set the issue and deposit options and make the payment, which amounts to €12.10 including taxes for members of the association and students from universities with an agreement on this matter, and €21.78 including taxes for other applicants.

The certificate will be issued to the applicant and deposited on the platform within 7 calendar days following the receipt of the payment. It can be verified online by anyone who has the associated SVC (Secure Verification Code).

Please sign up for the platform to get further information and clarification.